Express Scripts Canada Webinar | Our expert took part

Group Insurance May 16, 2024

The 2024 edition of Express Scripts Canada’s Drug Trends Webinar took place on April 30. Frédéric Leblanc, our strategic leader in drug programs, joined other industry specialists as a panelist.

Our expert commented on the results presented by Express Scripts Canada and discussed elements to monitor in 2024, as they will impact our drug management strategies:

  • Introduction of the drug Wegovy in Canada1
  • Importance of continuing initiatives for the transition to biosimilars
  • Implementation of national universal pharmacare in Canada


Our top 10 drugs

Each year, we present our ranking and analysis of the ten drugs that account for the highest total drug costs for all group insurance plans.

See the latest edition, published last April.


When it comes to drug management, our vision is to support the sustainability of drug plans while preserving the physical and mental health of plan members through ongoing access to an excellent drug plan.


1 Wegovy is a drug indicated as an adjunct to diet and increased physical activity for weight management.