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Group Insurance May 16, 2024

The World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) expects 2024 to be the year that global travel returns to pre-pandemic levels—if not surpassing them entirely. And recent international tensions won’t change a thing; the number of people travelling around the globe is on the rise and Canadians are no exception.


We support group plan members by providing coverage that lets them travel with peace of mind.


Coverage for tranquil travels

With supplemental health insurance, our members gain access to the travel assistance benefit when travelling outside their province. Thanks to this benefit, they can vacation with peace of mind and make the most of their trip.


New document outlining the travel assistance benefit

We’ve prepared a short document that provides our members with valuable advice and lays out the main features of the travel assistance benefit. This document is the key to good trip planning, especially for those who suffer from an illness or whose health status is unstable.



On May 21, plan administrators will receive a communication, this document and a communication for members.

See the French versions of the plan administrator and plan member communications.


Employees are supported at each step of their total wellbeing journey through advice and resources that best fit their needs.